"This is the culmination of my life’s experiences working with champions. It has been a priceless view to 'greatness', a vantage point few if any have ever experienced."

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Greatness is expressed most authentically and powerfully as selfless exceptionalism during the defining moments of both life’s greatest performance achievements and life’s greatest challenges... Selfless-Exceptionalism during the tough times becomes the foundation of thriving versus surviving.

- page xviii

Talent Isn't Enough

I have heard far too often from performers following a misstep during defining moments in life... They simply come to the conclusion they weren’t mentally prepared. It generally has very little to do with talent and everything to do with lack of awareness of the mindset that must be implemented to win in that environment.

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3 Elements of Exceptionalism

I have never met a competitor in business, sport, or life who desires to fail. However, I meet daily with performers who consistently fail to reach their true potential when it means the most – game day. They don’t fail because they don’t try; they fail because of their answers to three questions.

- page i

Secret to Effective Goals

What does it take to become the best of the best? That is the question that has motivated me throughout my career and should light a fire within your curiosity... Those who become champions set different types of goals than others.

- page xiv


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About David L. Cook, PhD

Dr. David Cook is a Peak Performance coach in the field of Sport and Performance Psychology. He is a best-selling author, award-winning film producer, and has coached performers from the PGA, NBA, NFL, MLB, Olympics, and collegiate national championship ranks. His business clients have included Exxon Mobil, Sprint, USAA, Valero, Merill Lynch, Insperity, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

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